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Where Oh Where Is That White Dress Hiding?

I need a cute little white dress for a cocktail party that I’m attending. A date. So I want it to be something a little sexy, but not over-the-top sexy. After all, it’s a business party. But well done. Dinner. Lots of champagne. A band. Dancing. At a nice ritzy place in San Francisco. So I’ve gotta stay classy. Understated. Yet flirty. And white. He’s going to be in a tux. It is a black tie affair, after all. So I want the dress to be white. Not too much glitz and bling going on in the dress. But the shoes and accessories can be as glitzy as possible! Maybe glitter or sequins on the shoes. And blingy jewelry! I’ve only been dating this guy for a couple of months, so we’re still getting to know each other. So I’ll be on my best behavior. But I want to look nice, and I want to have fun. This is just a little affair put on by his business to celebrate how well his company is doing. He’s in the software development business. Heaven knows exactly what he does. But it’s working! And these days, that’s so good! So onto the business of finding that hiding white dress…

The Search for the Perfect Champagne Colored Dress

OK. Let’s just say that I don’t look very good in white. Just the color of my complexion or something. It’s just not my color! Maybe I’m too white. And I need at least a little bit of color to balance things out. Hmmm. So, if my color is not white, then what? I think after that, the only way to go is with an off-white color. Something that complements my skin tone more. Possibly a champagne color! Imagine how luxurious and old-fashioned that color would be on me. More like an antique lace color. But updated. More modern. That’s what I decided. Really. I can’t see the dress quite yet. But I can see the color. Champagne. And lace. Lots of old-colored, tea-shaded lace. With pearls. Something classic. Like maybe my mom would wear. Oh. And it has to be affordable, too. Is that too much to ask? Maybe under $100. I know, I know. That is too much to ask. But I looked online, and it is possible. There’s lots of cute styles in this color that I would wear. In satin. In lace. In silk. In cotton. But that perfect dress for me is out there!

What’s The Best Seat For Your Child?

This is a big huge question, and there really isn’t a perfect answer to it. Because everyone’s needs will be different when it comes to picking out the perfect car seat. The first consideration will be, of course, the safety of your child. What’s the rating of the carseat? You may initially want an infant car seat. One that you can strap your baby into in the car, but that you can pick up and carry with you. Also, you need to figure out the correct size for your child. And their age and height in the process. Will they be forward-facing or backward-facing? Only after a certain age can they lawfully be placed looking forward. Then you need to figure out if you want a convertible car seat that is initially a carseat, but later converts to a booster seat. This way the seat will last longer during the growth of your child. The last step for them as they grow will be moving into a booster seat, since this type of seat is only for older and taller children. Lots of parents like to keep their child in a booster seat for as long as they can because this is the safest option for them. 

What Color Are Your Car Seat Covers?

I know. What a silly question. But it got your attention, right? Does it really matter? To a lot of people - YES! Because they like a certain color - like pink. Or red. Or blue. Or because they want the interior to match their car. Blue car seat covers for a blue car. It’s truly amazing what kinds of seat covers you can get these days. There’s all sorts of fun stuff available. If you want zebra print covers, you can get black stripes with almost any color to go with it. Or you can get Mickey Mouse covers. Or hawaiian covers. Go hog wild. There’s lots of choices to cheer you right up. I even found some carseat covers that light up along the edges. And they flash on and off according to the beat of your music. Fun, huh? Well, my favorite color right now is green. So I’m off and running and searching for the perfect fun set of green car seat covers. And possibly some fuzzy dice to hang from the rear view mirror. What’s the moral of this story? You can almost have anything you want in life. If you want bright, colorful car seat covers, then heck. Go ahead and do it! And who cares what anyone else thinks?

Baby Dolls That Look Real?

Have you heard about those glorious baby dolls that actually look like they’re real? Their skin feels real. They’re the same size as real babies. Their hair looks real. They have teeny, tiny little fingernails like real babies. And some of them even breathe like the real thing. They’re called real life baby dolls, and sometimes called reborn baby dolls. A lot of them are made by Paradise Galleries. Or Ashton-Drake galleries. Or JC Toys. And some of them are individually hand painted by artists. Who number and sign the dolls. This makes them seem more lifelike when they’re hand-painted. There are different types of reallife dolls, too. There’s girl dolls. And boy dolls. Asian dolls, sock monkey themed dolls, hero dolls. These dolls are even weighted like real babies, so they weight about the same. To most people, these are collectible dolls. But little girls love them, too, because they look like the real thing. Their price points go from inexpensive (in the 20 dollar price range) to over 100 dollars for hand painted baby dolls.

Camouflage Seat Covers for Girls?

It’s interesting - there’s so many choices in seat covers for your car these days. I mean, look at all the choices. If you want purple zebra print seat covers, you got ‘em. If you want neon green seat covers that glow in the dark or have piping that lights up in time with your music? - you got ‘em. Pretty neat, huh? So if you perhaps want pink Mossy Oak camouflage car seat covers, well, you can easily get them. Along with all the near car accessories to go along with them. Like what, you ask? Like matching pink license plate frames. Or matching steering wheel covers. Or matching floor mats. It’s possible to get pretty much anything your little heart desires in pink Mossy Oak. Even party supplies! So if your guy has Mossy Oak seat covers in his car. Well, you can have them too. But if you’re a girl, then maybe you want to girly them up just a little bit and get them in pink. Really? I think it looks pretty awesome. You can have your camouflage stuff, and get it in pink, too. And everyone, even the guys, will think you’re pretty cool.

Organize Your Life With A Charging Station

The one gadget that probably saved my disorganized life was getting a charging station. There are lots of different kinds of them including desktop charging stations and wall-mounted ones, but I kind of like the desktop ones. That way it organizes the top of the dresser or desk, too. Not only can I put my electronic gadgets in there, but I can throw keys, change, and all sorts of stuff from my pockets in the same spot. So when I get up and go in the morning, all I have to do is grab everything from one place. AND - all of my electronic things are all charged up and ready to go. No searching around for the cell phone. Or the iphone. Or the ipad. They’re all there. They’re all charged. So when I’m running late, as usual, I just grab and go. The other thing I like so much about these organizing gadgets is that you don’t have to look at all the cords hanging down all over. They come up through the back, all organized into one little place, and you don’t have to look at them! Just attach the right cords to the correct devices, and voila! No thinking involved!

Girls Love Monster High!

Monster High has quickly become one of the biggest raving trends to follow these days by girls! If girls aren’t watching them on TV, then they’re dressing in Monster High costumes. Or they’re dressing in their clothes. Or they’re making new dolls. Or they’ve got a Monster High house. Or they’ve got their bedding on their beds. Or they have all the dolls. Or they’re writing in their journals. It’s got a HUGE following! And really, who can blame them? These girls from the Monster High school are beautiful. I mean, who wouldn’t want white hair with blue streaks? Or pink streaks? And to be the daughters of monsters. Not only that, but these girls are downright nice. If you watch their videos, you’ll realize that they do human things and make human mistakes. But they always make the right decisions in the end. And that’s to treat everyone compassionately. So lots of good lessons can be learned from these girls. And they have great names, too. Abbey Abominable. Frankie Stein. And my personal favorite - Venus McFlytrap.

Inexpensive Prom Dresses for the Big Night

I am always amazed at how little money you need to spend to look spectacular for the prom. Or for a wedding. Or New Years’ Eve. Because you can honestly find something for as little as $50 and still look fabulous. Of course, for the prom, you might want to spend a little more money. And if it’s a long dress, well, you’ll be paying for the extra fabric. But if you’ve got $150 to spend on a prom and party dress, you’ll look like an angel! On Amazon, where you’ll find just loads and loads of pictures of wonderful dresses, they have just pages of choices in so many different colors to choose from. In fabrics like lace, satin, long or short, full or fitted, bustier, sleeveless, velvet - you name it, they’ve got it. A lot of them have free shipping, too, so you save money there. And you can read the reviews about how well the dress fits true to size. Or if it falls apart at the seams. Or if it’s not like the picture shows. You’ll find so many affordable, cheap, and endless choices that it will be hard to decide. You may want two!

Portable Spin Dryers Save Lots of Energy

Have you ever heard of a portable spin dryer? I hadn’t. But in my quest for energy-efficient living, I came across one while searching for portable clothes washers. I wanted something that you could fit on a countertop. That would take very little energy to use. Well, I found just the right clothes washer, and in the process found some great information about spin dryers, too. They are really cool! You can’t put many clothes in the portable version, but you can put a whole sheet in there. You turn it on, and it spins out even more soap and almost all of the water that was left after the washing. You know how your clothes still feel really heavy and wet after washing? By the time your clothes have been wrung out by the spin dryer, they feel almost dry! In fact, a lot of people who use them don’t even own a clothes dryer. They just hang their clothes up and air dry them for a little bit after using the spin dryer. And they dry soft-feeling! Because the soap is gone out of them, and that’s what makes them feel stiff.